Get to know Master Han...

"A Walk of Faith"

The following excerpt is the testimony of the family of Grandmaster Man Hee Han's journey to salvation as told by his son, Master Yujin Han. Grandmaster Man Hee Han is the leader and founder of the World Youn Wha Ryu Association and, Master Yugin Han serves as a central leader within the association as well.

"Our family's background is Buddhist through grandparents. However, in coming to America, the Buddhism was more cultural and not practiced in our family. We attended Christian churches off and on because that was where many of our Korean friends congregated. Bu we were not Christians. I think as early as I can remember, we, especially me, recognized that we were "sinners," even that we needed some sort of a Savior. However, the reality of Christ coming to earth to die for my sins did not make sense and register fully in my heart until around Easter of 1985. After being exposed one Sunday to the Gospel, as presented through certain passages in the Bible - I believe they were these...

1. All have sinned - Romans 3:23 (I realized that I'm part of this "all," so I too am considered sinful and separated from a holy God)
2. The wages of sin is death - Romans 6:23 (I realized that because I have sinned, I would not only die physically but also spiritually)
3. Christ died for our sins - Romans 5:8 (Even though I'm sinful, and even before I cleaned up, Christ willingly and effectively paid for my sins in my place)
4. Believe in Christ and have eternal life- Romans 10:9/John 3:16 (I understood that I just needed to trust in who Christ is and believe that what he did He did for me too, and I can enjoy eternity in heaven with God)

My life was never the same. I had begun my journey of fath. I talked to my family, but they were not inclined to make the same decision yet, but I knew that God had a time prepared for them too. In fact, two years later in 1987, during one of the pastor's messages at the church they attended, both my mother and father went forward to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And this was the start of their journey of faith, but while they believed, the depth of their decision and the weight of God's promises and power did not become fully apparent to them until a number of years later. My parents were in my prayers year after year, not for their salvation but rather that they would fully realize the implications of their salvation and start whole-heartedly living for God.

After living away in Chicago six years for 1998 to 2004, I remember coming home and being completely floored when I discovered the great faith and devotion to Christ in my parents, especially in Grandmaster Han. It was from that realization that I felt more compelled to take a more active role in the Youn Wha Ryu/Grandmaster Han Martial Arts Association.

As he reflects upon his life, Grandmaster Han tells me that God's hand was upon our organization and on him all along, but everything would happen only in God's time and way. I have never seen such peace in Grandmaster Han as I have seen him during these past several years. He testifies to me that it is because he is completely trusting in God and that he is exactly where God wants him and doing exactly what God wants him to be doing. I am so thirilled at Grandmaster Han's progress of faith. I know that whatever he put his hand to, he has always excelled, but in this I find the greatest thing of all, as he excels in his faith and devotion to Christ in his personal life, in our family, and through the Grandmaster Han's Martial Arts Associaton

The six principles that he instituted perhaps 15+ years ago arose out of a difficult time in the organization, when pride, selfishness and greed threatened to unravel everything Grandmaster Han worked to build. I believe God gave him these simple principles from His Word, as a prelude and a guide to inspire and guide thousands of lives in the organization today to the glory of God.

Now, as we look to the future, we are trusting God not just for the growth of the organization but also for the missionary outreach of the organization through the likes of training centers, supply stores, real estate ventures, and overseas missions. As Grandmaster Han likes to say, "We are all God's children. We are all under God." And that is the source of our vision, strength and success. To God be all the glory!

-Master Yujin Han