Online Private lessons with Master Jeremy

Whether you are wanting to sharpen up your forms for testing or learn a new skill, this is the perfect vehicle for you to get personal training from Master Jeremy, no matter where you are!

  • Sharpen up for testing by letting Master Jeremy pre-test you!

  • Learn your new forms!

  • Learn a new weapon!

  • Grab a partner and work on Self Defense or advanced drills while Master Jeremy guides you.

  • Improve your kicking with specialized drills

  • Work on sparring, with a partner or without, just by letting Master Jeremy add a few tools to your toolbox.

  • Whatever you need, wherever you are, these lessons can give you the edge!

Thanks in advance for trusting me with your training and I can promise you my absolute best in helping you achieve your goals regardless of how many miles are between us!
                                                              Master Jeremy Fox
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