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Our Masters are so gracious to give us their time we want to take good care of them. It will always be their responsibility to deliver a top notch seminar and your responsibility to fill it for them. Therefore, any approved seminar must have at least 10 students pre-paid 1 week in advance of the seminar date. If there are less than 10 students pre-registered at that time the seminar must be postponed to a later date or cancelled.
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The fees for Master Series Seminars are set by the organization. These fees are $40 for members of GMHMA and $50 for non-members. Seminar lengths and contents may vary but this fee must stay the same.
The Master will be informed of your request and we will inform you of their availability. Approval is based on their current skill set and schedule.
* signifies there are a limited number of Masters comfortable in teaching this particular subject.
If available
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Because these are official GMHMA seminars the following payout structure must be followed.